Welding is the most commonly used method of joining metal parts
permanently. To procedure involves applying heat to welding metal
pieces, melting and joining them to make a bond, which is permanent. The strength of welding metal pieces has made customers trust
Bourgneuf industries for many industrial and commercial applications. Welding, assembling and bending are all part of Bourgneuf's pipe bending

Bourgneuf industries has vast experience in welding metal pieces for the
production of intricate metal furniture. The work method used usually
determines the quality of the furniture pieces. Hiding ugly joints is a formidable task to be done by a highly-skilled professional. Many different methods are used for welding metal pieces. Notably, spot
welding which involves the use of electrical power to fuse two pieces of
metal together. Another method is arc welding which consists of conducting electricity through an electrode that is then applied to weld two metal pieces together. Lastly, when using the brazing technique in welding, a torch melts brass enabling the two pieces to be joined together.

Bourgneuf industries and its specialized welders use specialized equipment to make permanent bonds when welding metal pieces in a variety of positions such as flat, vertical and horizontal. Bourgeuf’s skilled labor meets the industry’s specific requirements to offer the best quality service possible. Two distinct types of welding metal pieces exist: Fusion
welding and pressure welding. Fusion welding leads to welding metal
pieces that are applied using heat at the point of connection which
bonds the metal pieces together to create a whole. A solid joint then
is created as the mixed components harden. On the other hand, the
application of high pressures or high temperatures strongly affects the
procedure known as pressure welding. A strong plastification and a
local deformation of the pieces to be joined occur in the welding area
so that a bond between both pieces is strong. The amount of energy
needed for welding metal pieces in both processes varies for both
fusion welding and pressure welding.

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