Moreover, the search engines will attach more importance to the websites for small businesses programmed according to current standards. And the code generated by Web Creator is 100% compatible with all the standards, which will ensure you a better placement in the results. Not that the other sites are badly programmed, but the standards of the WC3 (which defines HTML) are very complex.

If none of these solutions remove the pop-ups you're having, please open a ticket and let us know the details. We are very interested in keeping Web Creator websites for small businesses clean, just as you are.
In addition to these features and advantages, professional website builder programs for programmers, Web Creator Pro, includes C++, Visual Basic and Delphi programming capabilities that enables the user to integrate DLLís into the publication. These modules would allow users to choose pages in function of the process to be carried out, e.g., in the case of a multiple-choice questionnaire, to have access to databases (Oracle and Access are particularly well adapted), or to create transaction forms. Professional website templates can therefore be used in for development and integration into various technical solutions.

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