GlobeMeeting voip web meeting solution requires the use of two communication ports, being 443 (HTTP protocol over SSL) and 80 (Alternative HTTP port or otherwise known as web port).??What are these ports used for? Port 443 is used by the GlobeMeeting voip web meeting solution for the transfer data while Port 80 is used by GlobeMeeting's web portal.. These ports can be customized. We utilize these ports by default on our servers as company network administrators generally unblock them. Should you utilize or purchase your own server, you will have the liberty to use any given open port in your company, granted you are assured that a chosen port causes no conflict, which generally is a responsibility held by the network administrator.

Here are but a few exciting features of the voip web meeting solution offered by GlobeMeeting:
Audio Assistant Helps the user configure the various audio parameters.
Voice one-to-many Converse in one-to-many mode on the Web, without the use of a telephone line.
Voice one-to-one Converse in one-to-one mode, privately. Possibility of both users speaking simultaneously (full duplex).
Multivoice Full Duplex Number of participant unlimited*?Automatic voice detection?*Depending of the bandwidth of the network.

This voip web meeting solution sets the tone for the future generation of our GlobeMeeting technology: GlobeMeeting Lite and GlobeMeeting Contact. This development is in line with our strategy for international expansion and will position us extremely well with a view to meeting client needs.

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