Galvanized steel shelving systems & slotted Angle are available in many
sizes and capacities quick delivery on most sizes. Heavy duty slotted
angle shelving units. Available up to 24" deep and 144" high, 36" to 60" long. Galvanized steel shelving systems make maintenance and
cleaning a simple task.

Closed type steel shelving systems provide economical storage with
closed sides and backs to keep material contained in the units. All
steel shelving systems are equipped with shelves that are completely
adjustable on 2" centers, with a capacity of up to 600 lbs. per shelf.
All shelves easily adjusted with "shelf clip", no nuts or bolts needed.
Units can be ordered in starter and add-on units. All steel shelving
systems are shipped knocked down, installation services available.

Corrugated Plastic Boxes - ModuBoxes have built-in divider slots that allow
sub-dividing of the containers. You can Create configurations to fit your needs.


  • Built-in divider slots allow sub-dividing of the containers.

  • A reinforced lip adds strength.

  • Molded of tough, high-density polyethylene

  • Lids are available for security in shipping and storage.

  • Create configurations to fit your needs.

Mobile steel shelving systems - The modular design of raised floors and
rails allows future expansion. It is easy to relocate these steel
shelving systems because the components are completely modular. The
storage capacity of QuadraMobile steel shelving systems is two or three
times bigger than traditional filing cabinets. These mobile steel
shelving systems are designed to allow multiple arrangements suiting
specific needs such as single or double access, multifunctional
arrangements of the cabinets, etc. The colors and materials enhance the
beauty of the steel shelving systems already designed to fit the decor

steel shelving systems are built with standard shelves & posts for complete flexibility. The steel shelving systems Reduce warehouse costs (reduced floor footage) and are efficient for storage of all parts in one central area.

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