he purpose of the gland steam condenser is to reduce steam leakage to a minimum and to prevent air ingress. The gland steam condenser is cooled by the condensate extracted from the main condenser and so acting as a feed heater.The steam gland condenser often shares its condenser with the air ejector reducing the cost of having two units.

With the condenser under a vacuum, this cooling water condenses the exhaust steam packing and then to a line leading to the steam gland exhaust condenser.
In addition to appropriate packing, as part of our steam sealing systems we provide our turbines with a steam gland condenser system. Enerfin's standard scope of supply includes leakoff manifold, steam gland condenser, air ejector and condensate tank.

The conservation of auxillary boiler steam strictly for process steam supply and thus eliminates need for steam supply to the steam gland condenser seals. The engine is stopped the gland steam condenser make-up supplies the system requirements.

There are two pockets in the glands fitted to all the ends of the turbine and the inner pocket is connected to the steam gland condenser manufacturer and the outer to the exhaust line.