Among its products, Machinex manufactures OCC separation disc screens,
news separators, single stream separators, conveyors, shredders,
trommels screens, ferrous and non-ferrous separators, densifiers,
system controls, etc.

The Mach Series Separators give you the best cost-to-performance ratio
in Canada today. These separators are designed for high levels of
sorting purity and efficiency in MRF applications. This line separators
consists of the Mach One single stream separator for efficient
fi-fibre-container separation, the Mach Two news separator and the Mach
OCC Screen for cardboard.

Machinex has introduced the Mach One Finishing Separators, a complete sorting system for single-stream sorting. Combined with Mach One Separators to sort out newspaper, Mach One Finishing Separators simultaneously sorts remaining fibers, containers and broken glass and fines. Separators include an exclusive "split-disc technology" that gives flexibility and high performance to recycling facilities, according to the company.