If Mondo USA can provide tracks, handball courts and concourse flooring, it can surely provide flooring for “the little guy.” Mondo uses advanced technology to provide shock-absorbing surfaces for high-impact sports, fitness centers, hospital flooring and more.
The safety floor component of a fitness center is especially critical to a member’s safety, security and comfort.

With Mondo safety floor, members need not worry about slipping, tripping, jarring or the environment. Many of Mondo’s products are made, in part, with recycled materials, making Mondo the best of the old and new! With good, solid, dependable flooring, fitness centers have one less worry.

To achieve the unique level of quality Mondo safety floor offers, special steps must be taken at every level of installation. The new video training materials detail the entire process from removal of existing installations, preparations of the antistatic flooring surfaces, protection of the surrounding environment and the entire installation process.

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