The appellants perform seed visual inspection and mechanical measurements to assist in establishing the kind and/or class and quality of grain, rice sizer, pulses, and related commodities to be processed. Physical analysis includes factors used in the grading process such as odor, condition, insect identification criteria and infestation criteria, distinctly low quality (DLQ)/sample-grade determinations, moisture and other defects factors within the grading standards.

The appellants prepare samples for official inspection through the operation of a dockage tester, boerner divider, strand-sizer, rice sheller, rice miller, and test weight apparatus as appropriate for each type of grain to be inspected.

When ordering parts, please list the model number of the machine, the serial number and the part number (i.e. Model 316, Serial Number 9729, Part Number A9: Complete Air Filter). The serial number can be found on a small plate bearing the model number, attached to the air chest, immediately opposite the feeder. This will enable us to provide you with a part that will fit properly. Many parts are interchangeable between various model gravities and stoners, but others are suitable only for specific machines. If the above information cannot be furnished, please let us have the dimensions of the deck and the approximate year that the machine was purchased. We can fill orders without part numbers or other identification, but delivery time will be delayed. Usually part orders can be shipped within 24 hours after receipt at the factory. Complete decks and special items take longer.
Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding rice sizer parts.

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