Let your imagination be your guide when it comes to restoration windows
and door designs from Dynamic Windows. Whether your preference is post
modern, georgian or federal revival, we can manufacture the design of
your choice. Different than other window and door manufacturers we are
not limited to a number of mass produced standard profiles or designs.

The Dynamic direct glazed restoration windows are the ideal application for
large unobstructed views. As an exterior glazed fixed window the flexibility in design is unlimited. Available in 1 inch, 11/4 inch, 11/2 inch, and 113/16 inch frame thickness, the design flexibility of the clean lines of squared interior profiles are a favorite of many architects. The direct glazed window can also be used as a sidelight or transom in addition to the typical picture restoration window application. When mulled with operating windows the Direct Glazed window is a great way to achieve the look of unbalanced sash thatís popular in many contemporary styles of architecture.

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