System Resale will respond promptly to hardware problems encountered
with any refurbished router purchased from us. System Resale is not responsible for
any consequential damages or costs incurred by customer as a result of
any refurbished router failure, defects or problems.

System Resale was founded in 1987. The idea behind our company comes
from understanding three simple facts:

1. It does not make economical sense to buy expensive computer and
networking equipment and then dispense with it in a couple of years
when the needs of your company change. 2. It makes even less sense
to postpone a needed refurbished router or network upgrade because new equipment is
too expensive or not available when needed, and 3. Hardware is still
valuable after a company has ‘out grown’ allowing others to enjoy
a refurbished router.
Why start over when you can upgrade with a refurbished router? Why not maximize your
hardware budget and buy a guaranteed refurbished router? Why not
both reduce your maintenance costs and improve system and network
up-time by hot-sparing your own equipment on-site? Why not get top
dollar for the router you already own?

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