Spanning almost nine decades and progressing with the same determination and LEADERSHIP ability that launched the company almost a century ago; NJM/CLI continues to develop and sell SMART TECHNOLOGY packaging and pressure sensitive labeling machines that is respected worldwide. With a strong, personal and qualified sales force, NJM/CLI is committed to provide sales and service "Committed to Excellence".

NJM/CLIıs Bronco pressure sensitive labeling machines is ideal for cosmetic and household chemical producers, contract packers and others. These extremely versatile pressure sensitive labeling machines can do front & back, wrap around, 3 panel and 5 panel labeling. The open-frame servo driven pressure sensitive labelling machines handles a wide range of containers and label applications
at speeds up to 200 cpm.

NJM/CLI's new UNI-300VA round bottle, pressure sensitive labeling machines are ideal for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care, and other industries. These pressure sensitive labeling machines are well equipped to reach speeds of 120 cpm or higher.

NJM/CLI said the system, which is based on its existing Auto-Colt III pressure sensitive labeling machines uses an RFID antenna and a track-and-eject-verification system to apply and verify pre-encoded tags. After applying the label, the system reads and verifies every tag and automatically rejects bottles with nonconforming tags from the production line

Coded bottles then advance to an NJM/CLI Model 326 Auto-Colt III pressure sensitive labeling machines that have label-dispensing heads on both sides. One side applies labels, while the other side applies outserts, although both sides can present labels to bottles as well. The roll of labels is mounted horizontally, and the web travels past dancer rolls to the application point, where the label is peeled off of the backing and applied to the passing bottle. The web is then rewound onto a cardboard core.

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