NJM/CLI designs, manufactures and supplies a complete range of pharmaceutical packaging equipment, offering customers single source responsibility, turnkey line integration services, full validation support, and after sales service and support. This benefits for customers using pharmaceutical packaging or nutraceutical/vitamin and personal care products. By manufacturing machines and supplying quality equipment from other leading manufacturers, NJM/CLI provides integrated lines that include a wide variety of machines, including RFID tagging solutions. NJM/CLI maintains corporate headquarters in the USA and Canada.

With equipment and services that optimize productivity, we create competitive advantages for professionals in pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic/personal care, household chemical, food, beverage and other manufacturing industries..

We didn't know, at the time, that pharmaceutical packaging industry would grow so much. While many may not have foreseen the rapid growth of the pharmaceutical packaging sector, it has certainly turned out to be a fortuitous decision to focus on the pharmaceutical segment.

Machine allows pharmaceutical packaging and other manufacturers to more effectively combat counterfeiting and improve track-and-trace throughout the supply chain, achieving a higher level of security and control. Machine can handle round, oval, square, and rectangular containers from 1-14 in height and from 5/8-7 in dia at speeds to 250 containers/min. It can apply wraparound labels as well as single and multi-panel labels.

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