Separate from the gear motor assembly, there is a closed loop hydraulic checking device that is powered by the shaft itself. When the panel room divider is traveling in the down position, this hydraulic checking device builds up a certain hydraulic pressure that is dependent on wall travel speed. In normal operation, this pressure is very low and this checking device offers no appreciable braking force on the panel room divider. If, at any time, the panel room divider speed is substantially higher than normal, this checking device offers sufficient braking force to lower the wall at a speed no higher than 150% of normal operating speed.

The EZ Fold panel room divider frame is manufactured of high quality steel mechanical tubing. We justify using this more expensive material by the quality advantages that steel mechanical tubing delivers to our EZ Fold customers. Steel mechanical tubing has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel pipe. The whole panel room divider system is lighter, with no compromise to its strength. Lower static and dynamic loads are placed on the back-stop mechanisms and ceiling structure. Quality control specifications are much stricter for steel mechanical tubing than for steel pipe.

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