Skyfold is a custom manufacturer of completely automatic, rigid, flat,
retractable, operable partitions. A simple turn-of-a-key switch and
Skyfold retracts quietly and effortlessly into the ceiling. with a
travel time of 5' to 10' per minute. Skyfold acoustic has eliminated
the need for manual labor to assemble and disassemble walls.

Skyfold operable partitions represents the latest development in
operable walls. The operable partitions store safely in the ceiling
when not in use and fold down to form a hard, rigid and flat wall in
its down position. The Skyfold modular system consists of a grid of
rectangular panels for varying wall sizes.

Operable partitions shall open and close in a manner similar to an
accordion, in that all wall panels fold and unfold at the exact same
time, at the exact same rate. Walls that rely on the sequential
folding of acoustical panels, or acoustical panel sets are not
acceptable. Operable partitions shall not weigh more than 8 lbs per
square foot (39.1 Kg per square metre), not including the lifting
equipment and the architectural finish on the acoustical panels.

Your operable partitions could also be transformed into a mural, which
disappears into the room decor or becomes the main attraction in the
room. A computer generated design is applied onto vinyl and installed
on the wall.

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