Ideally located in Canada's most important traffic corridor, Cornwall has proven to be a strategic location for a variety of firms servicing both domestic and international markets. Over the last decade Cornwall has witnessed a significant diversification of its manufacturing sector. High growth industries such as electronics, plastics and biotechnology are represented in the City's industrial park, and local firms in more traditional sectors have increased their ability to compete in global markets.

Cornwall Reaps Internet Benefits It's in the Cards for Cornwall Seaway City Teams Up for Success Opportunity on the Banks of the St. Lawrence Top Ten Reasons to Choose Cornwall Demographics Age Characteristics Language Capability Education Characteristics Workforce Characteristics Real Estate Industrial Park Industrial Directory Infrastructure Water Treatment Water Tarifs Wastewater Treatment Waste Disposal Transportation Road Driving Distances Freight Transport Cornwall Transit Water Seaway RailRail Transport Via RailAir Utilities Electricity Natural Gas Natural Resources Soil, Minerals, Forestry, Agriculture.

Fully-serviced ontario real estate upon which you can custom build your own facility, taking advantage of our exeptionally low construction costs. Cornwall has been identified as one of Canada's preferred locations for call centers.

Close to 50% of the population is bilingual and the entire telecommunications infrastructure is being updated to state of the art. This represents their first direct investment in commercial real estate, with a joint venture purchase of five Ontario real estate listings shopping centres.

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