Globally recognized as the fastest, most durable and environmentally safe track available, Mondo's Super X olympic running tracks have been used in the past eight Olympic Games and has been chosen as the official surface of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

So, how do you make world-class olympic running tracks? Rather than pour it on-site like almost any running track manufacturer, Mondo prefabricates the surface, then ships the finished product for installation. In the factory, raw rubber and a few additives—pigments (red for the Athens track), densing agents (add more to get a harder, faster track), and a UV protector—are tossed into a large vat that churns everything up like a sausage grinder.

Like any other floor, basic, regular maintenance should be performed on the portable olympic running track surface. Sweeping the surface on a daily basis will minimize dirt build up. High traffic areas may have to be swept more often; however, the entire surface should be swept at least once weekly.

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