The gear motor that powers the modular wall system is a heavy duty sealed industrial motor that is designed for hundreds of stops and starts an hour. It is rated for service several orders of magnitude more severe than the service it experiences on E-Z FOLD.

A spring return key switch operates the E-Z FOLD modular wall system. Hand pressure must be maintained in order to operate the wall. When the key is released, the wall stops immediately, without coasting.

Our dealers, engineers and technicians are most willing to personally assist you and provide you with specific details at the earliest stages of your modular wall system design. For your consideration and to further help you with your design we have put together some helpful design tips.

The E-Z Fold modular wall system is visually appealing either in its upward position or when it is closed. When upward, the modular wall system is virtually unnoticeable; there are no tracks in the walls or the floor. In the closed position, the E-Z Fold modular wall system creates an attractive, virtually soundproof wall custom made for you. The E-Z Fold modular wall system is available in virtually any finish including vinyl, fabric, painted, stainless steel, wood veneer, tapestry and mural.

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