We have also added an essential product, designed to make any special event spectacular. It is called glow bracelets and a manual streamer and confetti launcher. It is literally an explosion of paper and it can be used with no danger inside as well as outside.

You will find in this catalogue, all our different products. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Crazy Glow Wild Wafer Lite
Crazy Glow Big Mouth Lite Bar
Crazy Glow Party Mini 3"
Crazy Glow Techno Twirler 6"
Crazy Glow Mega-Styk 10"
Crazy Glow Goodie Shape
Glow Necklaces 22"
One Color - 50/tube
9-28188 Green
9-28189 Blue
9-28241 Red
9-28247 Pink
9-12502 Purple
Multipack - 25/tube
9-28292 Assorted Colors
Individual Tricolor
9-21310 Green 9-28286 50/tube
9-21320 Blue 9-28291 25/tube
9-21330 Pink

Tinsel Maracas
Metal Noise Maker
Hand Clapper
Metallic Flute
Paper Flute
Siren Whistle
Millenium Horn

Keyboard 24"
Trumpet 28"
Clarinet 24"
Saxophone 24"
Jumbo Saxophone 33"
Guitar 42"
Inflatable Hand 21"
Bongo 25" x 10"
Drum 15"
Microphone 10"
Jumbo Microphone 39"
Air Pump
Alien 40"
Space Ship 32"
Inflatable Chair 36" x 36"
Inflatable Shoes

Rifle 36"
Sports Buddies 40"
Sun 27"
Beach Ball
Dolphin 36"
Shark 36"
Alligator 36"