The discharge from the generator cooler joins the outlet pipe extending from the fresh water cooler for overboard discharge. The pressure of the salt water before entering the fresh water generator cooler is indicated by a pressure gage and is controlled by a throttling valve located between the salt water pump discharge and the fresh water generator cooler. A similar valve is used to control the flow of water to the generator cooler.

This keeps the generator cooler, keeps down the noise, and keeps the interior of the generator cleaner. Would this not run the generator cooler and more efficient? The low temperature fresh water cooling system shall provide cooling of the diesel engine's low temperature stage of the charge air generator cooler, the lubricating oil cooler and if applicable the generator cooler.

Some of the waste heat from the engine, such as waste heat from hydro generator cooler manufacturer, can normally not be used for useful heat generation due to low temperature level.

The exhaust fan cooling system keeps the generator cooler for continuous operation. This generator cooler is ideal for holiday homes, caravans, camping and boating because of it's high performance and low maintenance, low vibration and low noise.

The engineers, who usually never open any generator, cooler, boiler or a turbine can now easily handle the critical tasks through their awakened drive. Discharge of uncontaminated storm water, intake screen backwash water, turbine oil cooler water, and hydrogen generator cooler water is permitted without limitations or monitoring requirements, except that there shall be no discharge of floating oil.