Acme has extensive representation across North America and has expanded into Europe, Asia and Latin/South America over the past several years, to better serve our international clients. We offer engineers a free, no obligation service to evaluate their building plans, recommend solutions and lay out the gas sensors and logic of control. We invite you to share in our 30+ years of gas detection experience.

The interconnections between the Control Panel and gas sensors shall be made by a required number of branches consisting of 4 conductor 14 gauge wires. Each branch shall support a total length of 800ft and a maximum of eight (8) gas sensors.

A predetermined quantity of Control Panel and a quantity of Remote Gas Sensor /Transmitter stations (maximum of 4 per panel). The system shall have a predetermined quantity of CO gas sensors, CO2 gas sensors, NO2 gas sensors and/or sensors for other gases.

The MGD-EN is usually installed in bus and truck terminals or maintenance facilities, package distribution warehouses and building loading docks where both Diesel fumes and Carbon Monoxide (CO) pose a threat to indoor air quality. In order to protect the gas sensors from the Respirable Combustible Dust (RCD) present in Diesel fumes, Acme Engineering Products uses an air pump to draw each sample to the gas detection unit from the space, where it is filtered and passed to a solid-state infrared CO2 analyzer or an electrochemical NO2 analyzer.

Response time for gas sensors is in the order of few minutes to avoid frequent or unnecessary start-ups of ventilation equipment due to short temporary conditions. There is practically no maintenance required on the CO modules except for simple periodic calibration verification performed by introducing a known CO gas mixture into the chamber of the gas sensors.

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