Cashco's engineers are the best in the business. They can help you
solve a wide range of application problems. We manufacture self
contained, pilot operated, and dome loaded gas regulators for various
applications. Ranging in size from 1/4" to 6" in size; and Cv ranges
from .05 to 540. Models are available for cryogenics, O2 service,
pharmaceutical, steam, corrosive fluids, high purity applications.

The Model P2 is designed for gases with inlet pressures up to 3600 psig
(248 Barg). Standard adjustable outlet ranges from 1-10 psig (.07-.69
Barg) thru 10-750 psig (.69-51.7 Barg). Flow coefficient of 0.02,
0.06, and 0.20 available. These versatile cylinder gas regulators can
be or dered with a va ri ety of op tions to meet your system de mands.
Standard construction includes 40 micron integral filter and diffusion
resistant stainless steel diaphragm.

Model “HP” heavy duty, high pressure reducing gas regulators are
balanced with trim and a composition seat for controlling downstream
pressure between 10–750 psig (.69 – 51.7 Barg) with inlet pressures up
to 3000 psig (206 Barg). A metal seated version is also available.
Where trim wear is expected, metal seating surfaces may be stellited.
Sizes 1/2”–1-1/2” (DN15–40). Available options include differential
construction, fl anged end connections and NACE construction. Designed
primarily for controlling clean gases. Handles bottled gas up to 3000
psig (207 Barg) inlet pressure, with a maximum pressure drop of up to
2990 psid (206 Bard). Use in liquid service is for non-cavitating fl
uids up to 600 psid (41.4 Bard) pressure drop, metal seated.

Cashco Models 8311HP and 8311LP are high capacity, self-contained back
pressure/relief gas regulators with a double-seat design. These units
are utilized to control inlet (upstream) pressure between 1 and 200
psig (.07-13.8 Barg). Available in two inlet pressure designs; LP -
larger diaphragm design for relief pressures up to 30 psig (2.1 Barg),
and HP - smaller diaphragm design for relief pressures up to 200 psig
(13.8 Barg). The highest capacity back pressure gas regulators Cashco
manufactures due to dual ports.

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