The MICRO Series is a digital panel meter line with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology
and modular plug-in design, the Micro Series has been the choice for
thousand of applications world-wide. These models accept many signal
inputs including DC Voltage, Current & Process, AC Voltage & Current,
RTD and Thermocouple, Strain Gauge, Load Cell, Count, Rate, Frequency
and Quadrature. The 5 & 6 digit large, bright LED displays may be
scaled to read in engineering units using front panel push-buttons and
are available in red or green color. These meters are housed in a
sealed front, 1/8 DIN panel mount case.

The DIN Series digital panel meter product line are rugged, low cost
digital panel meters for the measurement of DC
Voltage, Current and Process Signals. All models are housed in a
standard 1/8 DIN panel mount case and feature large bright red LED
digits. These meters allow easy selection of several ranges and provide
adjustable scaling to read directly in engineering units. Models EN35V,
EN35P and EN35E are 3 ˝ digit (1,999 count) while models EN45V and
EN45P are 4 ˝ digit (19,999 count).

The ULTRA Series Modular digital panel meter line is available with many plug-in
option cards and selection of signal input ranges. Offered in 3 ˝ digit (1,999 count)
and 4 digit (9,999 count), these meters will accept DC Voltage, Current
& Process Signals; Frequency; RTD & Thermocouple; Strain Gauge and AC
Voltage or Current in Average and True RMS formats. Optional outputs
include Single or Dual Setpoint Relays, Analog Outputs and DC meter
power. All models are housed in a standard 1/8 panel mount case and
feature large bright red LED digits.

Our older design with many years of proven reliability, thes Digital
Panel Meter family of products are provided in a NEMA size case (3.924" x 1.682" cutout).
3 ˝ digit (1,999 count) models are offered with either bright red LED
digits (model EN35L) or sunlight readable PLASMA digits (model EN35B).
Model EN45L with a 4 ˝ digit (19,999 count) bright red LED display is
a time proven instrument installed in thousands of applications. Many
options are offered including:Ratio& Differential signal input, BCD
digital outputs, Dummy Zero (1,9990 or 19,9990 display) and a selection
of standard DC voltage ranges.

The Electro-Numerics digital panel meter line and Large Digit Displays
are accurate, solid state instruments designed for years of trouble
free operation. Since 1974 we have been manufacturing quality products
designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our displays are
recognized in the industry as reliable, well designed instruments. From
the compact sized 1/8th DIN digital panel meter with 0.56" Led digits
to our Large Digit Displays with 01", 2 1/4" & 4" Led digits or 4", 6"
& 9" tall electromagnetic digits, we cover most applications in process
measurement and display.

The PML1000 is an AC line powered LVDT/RVDT digital panel meter that is
ideal for industrial and test applications. It features a 5 digit
variable brightness LED display. For control applications, it has a
fast (125 Hz) unscaled analog output, an isolated 0-10 VDC/4-20 mA
scaleable output and optional serial 2 or 4 wire RS 422/485
communications. The PML1000 is compatible with all standard Schaevitz®
LVDTs and RVDTs with a userselectable 1 or 3 V 2.5 or 10 kHz supply.

The M-4000 Ultrasonic Measurement & Control System contains both analog outputs and digital panel meter setpoints that are mutually independent and user adjustable. The analog outputs produce a proportional voltage (0-10 V DC) and current (4-20 mA) when a target is within a user adjustable window between the ZERO position and the SPAN position. The voltage and current increase as the target moves away from the sensors when the Analog Control switch is in the NORM position, and decrease when the switch is in the INV position. Once the SPAN position has been set, the entire window can be repositioned by adjusting the ZERO position only.

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