Network hardware: routers, switches and modules from Cisco, 3Com, Cabletron, Nortel and others. We also supply Cisco SMARTnet support and service agreements.

Enterprise systems: servers, options, upgrades and spares, including HP / Compaq / Digital servers, VAX and Alpha systems
Storage systems including RAID arrays, SAN equipment and tape libraries.
We Buy and accept for trade-in both individual items and large quantities, up to and including complete computer rooms and network centers.

The digital Vax was one of the first production computers to promote the idea of using a writeable control store (WCS) to users. The original motivation was to make it possible to fix hardware problems by issuing software updates, and was pioneered on early IBM System/360 mainframes. A patch file provided the new microcode to work around the problems caused by an errant instruction.
MacOS - Digital Vicomsoft Terminal Emulation software for digital Vax and Alpha systems provides a fully featured range of terminal emulators for Mac OS users. In addition to connecting to DEC VAX / Alpha, the inclusion of over 20 terminal emulations allows simultaneous connection to IBM Mainframe, IBM Midrange, Data General, Bull and Honeywell, UNIX, Pick, Tandem and other character based host systems. Features

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