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Winsor & Newton Artist's Oil Paints

  • Oil Colors have been used in various forms since the 15th Century. The popularity of oil Color can be attributed to its extraordinary versatility, offering the artist excellent results from the traditional techniques of blending and glazing, impasto and scumbling. Winsor & Newton began making oil Colors in 1832, swiftly developing and subsequently maintaining a reputation for excellence and consistency. Today, the Artists' Oil Color range of 114 Colors offers the widest Color spectrum, the highest level of pigmentation consistent with good handling properties, unsurpassed covering power and improvements in permanence to the extent that 111 out of 114 Colors are classed as permanent for artists' use.

  • The Colors of the range are selected according to masstone (Color from tube), undertone (bias of Color when in a thin film), strength and relative opacity. The resultant Color spectrum ensures that Artists' Oil Colors offer all artists a palette which suits their work. All Colors within the range are intermixable and also with other Winsor & Newton oil ranges, with the exception of (a)Thin alkyd films over thick oil and (b)Thick Oilbar films under oil films. A wide range of mediums are also available, allowing you to alter the characteristics of your tube Color e.g. consistency, gloss, drying rate and texture.
  • Primed canvas and canvas boards are the popular supports for oil Color, offering long term stability and enabling the exploitation of a variety of techniques. Paper may also be used when correctly sized and primed. Hog brushes are most commonly used with oil Color, however when blending and glazing techniques are used, a soft hair brush is recommended. Brushes and equipment should be cleaned with solvent after use. More Information
  • 10-Color Introductory Set This set contains 10 x 21 ml tubes: Alizarin Crimson, Burnt Umber, Indian Red, Indigo, Ivory Black, Titanium White, Winsor Blue (Red Shade), Winsor Green, Winsor Yellow, and Yellow Ochre.
    Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolor
  • Since 1832, when William Winsor and Henry Newton introduced the first moist water colors, much of the reputation for supreme quality held by Winsor & Newton has been based on the Artists' Water Color range.
  • The range of 91 colors offers a wide and balanced spectrum with each color being specially selected to offer the greatest choice ensuring all artists can choose a palette which suits their work.
  • Each color within the range has an individual formulation, taking advantage of each pigment's characteristics and ensuring color stability. The high performance pigments ensure excellent strength and brilliance of color whilst single pigment formulations have been used wherever possible to ensure cleaner, brighter mixes.
  • Permanent alternatives have been developed for the less durable traditional colors, without compromising handling properties, to generally improve the permanence of the range. As a result 88 colors are now classified as permanent for artists' use.

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