The results of the content management: Alignment, Structure and Focus brought to each of your managers and employees with well-designed and explicit business processes that will meet and exceed your client expectations. To find out more about content management.
The Enterprise Process Center is a web-based portal that provides structured and simplified access to the process-related content management, projects and applications.

... To meet the diverse requirements of our customers, we are fully committed to providing innovative, progress with a content management solution are already acutely aware of this and are taking steps to integrate content management technology into The Business Benefits driven by templates benefits of Six Sigma can be seen in such areas as rapid process improvements....the organisation carries out its business - modelling the business processes What the processes manipulate

Centralized management of all process content and related documentation
Managed and secure access to corporate information for different user profiles (through access rights management)In the world of Portals, the EPC has a unique place; as a Process Driven Portal, it provides high value to each employee and to the whole enterprise.

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