Business process management solutions offer obvious payoffs. With Interfacing business process management solutions you can create, deploy, modify and manage business process of any complexity. Business Process Management solutions that start with data capture and cascade through work flow, business process and content management.

Interfacing, a leading provider of business process management solutions today announced the establishment of a business alliance to deliver process-enabled workflow, analytics and imaging solutions. Interfacing can speed delivery of business process management solutions while empowering its customers to react immediately to changing business conditions through real-time process monitoring.

Flexible business rules management for enabling business process management solutions. Business Process Management solutions capable of addressing the automation and hands-on requirements of today's corporate enterprise culture.

Unfortunately, the majority of the traditional Business Process Management solutions lack the ability to assess existing operational processes before automating or changing them. Together, they will deliver comprehensive document life cycle and business process management solutions for federal government agencies and financial services organizations.

The different depths of process functionality that can be provided by today's electronic forms, workflow and business process management solutions, and the factors to consider when deciding which option is best. To reiterate, this may seem like a problem that should never even occur, but the reality is that these types of internal politics can seriously impact delivery of business process management solutions within a company.