Spectra Art Tissue
Curry's Watercolor Mediums

Spectra Art Tissue

  • These are assortments of 20" x 30" non-bleeding craft tissue.
  • This tissue is ideal for gift wrapping, craft projects, and especially for use with small children.
  • Lightly folded and packaged in plastic sleeves for protection.
  • This tissue paper comes in single colors and assortment.
    Curry's Watercolor Mediums and art supplies oil paints
  • Art Masking Fluid: Art Masking Fluid is used to mask areas of the paper making them resistant to water color. Sections treated with Art Masking Fluid must be allowed to dry before overpainting. Once dry these areas remain protected and cannot be penetrated by color.
  • Gum Arabic: Adding Gum Arabic to your water color has three effects: it slows down the drying time of the paint, giving you slightly longer to work on creating your image or working wet into wet; it adds further transparency to your water colors and it increases gloss. Gum Arabic washes will have greater depth and appear more luminous than color washes alone

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