Skyfold is an acoustic folding wall that is hard, rigid and flat in its down
position. The innovative design of the internal wall seals emerges as
one of the key features of the Skyfold system. Not only do they
eliminate the need for wall and floor tracks, they prevent the marring
of adjacent wall surfaces and allow Skyfold walls to be installed at
90° to each other. Extremely pliable, Skyfold’s end seals will fit
snugly against most surfaces, including masonry blocks. The flexible
horizontal seals at the top and bottom press firmly against the
acoustical barrier at the top of the pocket and against the floor.

Skyfold is an electrically operated vertically rising acoustic
partition system that is designed to stack compactly within the ceiling
void, thereby saving valuable floor space. A truly unique product
ideally suited to the higher specification end of the partitioning

The operable wall shall automatically and form an acoustic seal against
the floor without the need for any manual intervention. The floor
seals shall leave a joint between the floor and the bottom acoustic
panels of not more than approximately 1 _” (45mm).

acoustic panels shall be faced with steel that is compatible with a
wide variety of architectural finishes such as paint, vinyl, wall
paper, etc. acoustic panels, together with all of the sound insulation,
shall be, as much as possible, made of non-combustible or fire treated
materials. Lastly, acoustic panels shall be fabricated to be as stiff
as possible in order to satisfy the rigid criteria when the operable
wall is down (closed) and to ensure that there is no interference
between panels when the wall is in motion.

acoustic panels enables architects to have the finish of their choice,
provided that the finish has been approved by Skyfold to ensure
compatibility with the wall panels. The following criteria must be

  • The maximum weight of material: .111 lbs/ft_

  • maximum thickness of material is 1/8”

  • No brittle materials.

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