The following is a screen shot of a simple Tandem Screen COBOL (i.e. SCOBOL) program executing on the Himalaya server under Pathway: The following is the same program converted using TransPort running on a Pentium with Windows NT: The target language for this particular TransPort conversion was from SCOBOL to Microsoft Visual Basic (VB); however it could just as easily been translated to Microsoft Visual C++, MicroFocus COBOL or AcuCOBOL. Furthermore the interface could have been plugged into a WEB browser for WEB enablement.

AD Technologies owes its growth to this kind of service. The firm has developed its expertise with some applications like:

    The conversion from a language to another;
      The migration of applications from one platform to another (take a look at our automatic tools with methodologies called TransPort™);
        The creation of database;
          And other specific applications.

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