Since its inception, Oliver Manufacturing Company has solved the world's
separation problems by supplying gravity separators and stoners of the
highest value. We have earned a worldwide reputation for superior
service to, and warm respect for, our customers. Doing business with
integrity is an uncompromising attitude of always providing customers
with quality machines and value added services that assure their
business success.Today, Oliver Manufacturing Company maintains an
experienced staff exclusively focused on solving your dry separation
problems with advanced fluidized bed technology.

It is no accident that more companies use an Oliver Manufacturing
Company Gravity Separator or stoner for more diverse applications than
any other brand. After all, Oliver W. Steele, our founder, practically
invented the industry. We are proud of the process engineers and plant
construction professionals that trust the Oliver Manufacturing Company
for their gravity separator needs. Contact your local Oliver
Manufacturing Dealer for excellent design, engineering and build

In an agricultural application, the fastest method of testing to
determine the effectiveness of a gravity separator is through the use
of a U.S. Standard Weight Per Bushel Tester. These can be purchased
through your local Oliver Manufacturing Company representative or the
Seedburo Catalog. Most industrial applications use weight per cubic
foot as a standard. Determine the difference in weight between the
heavy and light product. The Gravity separator should be set to obtain
the maximum weight difference between the light and heavy products.

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