To save on steel costs, the drive system is mounted to the same structure directly above and supporting the Skyfold Mirage folding walls. This system is designed around a downward facing C8x11.5 “C” channel but can be attached directly to slab or to existing structure with the use of an adapter plate. The maximum height for this system is 16’- 0” to the finished ceiling.

Mirage folding walls employ electrical or other limit switches in order to stop the wall at the up and down travel limits. The Mirage folding walls shall employ an over torque detector in order to sense a jam in the system and to act as an over travel limit in the up direction should the primary limit switch fail to act. This over torque sensor shall be mechanical using the motor’s torque arm in it’s over torque detection.

The products herein specified established the standard of quality for the Automatic glass folding partition based on Skyfold Mirage folding walls.

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