Skyfold Mirage, by Skyfold Autolift Wall Systems, is an electrically operated folding Glass Walls Partitioning system that stores in the ceiling cavity when not in use. A simple turnkey operation will lower the wall in less than two minutes.

The glass partitions shall be designed to have a design life of at least 10,000 complete closed to open to closed cycles. Skyfold Mirage’s minimum wall length is 4’- 0". The height of the Glass Walls Partitioning is built using an even number of panels, i.e.: 4, 6, 8, etc to a maximum ceiling height of 16’- 0” (10 panels high).

Skyfold Mirage is an electrically operated vertically-rising acoustic Glass Walls Partitioning system that is designed to stack compactly within the ceiling void, thereby saving valuable floor space. A truly unique product ideally suited to the higher specification end of the Glass Walls Partitioning market.

When installing Glass Walls Partitioning, you must pay particular attention to any obstructions to ceiling pockets and cables (such as ducts, sprinkler pipes, drain pipes, electrical conduits) that may obstruct the proper installation of the Glass Walls Partitioning

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